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Smylist Academy November 6th-10th
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About Smylist®

Smylist® was founded in 2008 with the aim of introducing a new patient-oriented approach to dentistry worldwide in the form of its unparalleled dental aesthetic design and simulation software (Smylist® Professional) and a readily teachable and applicable design technique (Smylist® method) for dentists in order to benefit patients in every age group.

The company specialises in the development and sale of dental software, training, the establishment of its franchise system and the sale of Smylist® services and Smylist® gift items.

The Smylist® Professional Software and the related concept form part of the research and postgraduate teaching materials of the Eastman Dental School of University College London (UCL). Several Hungarian universities have adopted the software, and use the Smylist® concept as part of their research or as a thesis topic. The Smylist® Professional Software is available worldwide, and the concept is used by hundreds of dentists (Smylist® Dentists) who have completed the Smylist® course, including in Hungary, which means that thousands of patients can reap the benefits of this approach.

Smylist® is a regular exhibitor and, in the person of Dr. Maria Csillag, speaker at Hungarian and international conferences from Dubai to London. (Hungary, Dubai, Kiev, Turin, Bucharest, Arad, London). Numerous dental papers and chapters of books have been published on the topic. As of 2014, the Smylist® concept forms part of the postgraduate dentistry curriculum at UCL.

The Smylist® concept is copyrighted, and the Smylist® name is a registered trademark in Hungary, the EU and the USA.

For more information about Smylist® and our software please visit or contact Dr. Maria Csillag at

“Design before backwards planning is one step forward to the future. Enjoy revolutionary Smylist® preplanning.”

— Dr. Csillag Mária —


Smylist® Aesthetic Design Software - SMILE and FACE Design

Smylist arctervezés

  • 60 000 FREE smile template
  • Single tooth design
  • Easy clicking within minutes
  • Colormatching function
  • Gumline designing
  • Ceramic effect
  • Print and store function
  • Virtual wax up
  • Knowledgebase
  • Internet support
  • Connected courses and Academy

Smylist Aesthetic Design Software

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